Policies about Cyborgs

Monday, September 19, 2011
"Are you all just robots? Because we have policies about cyborgs."

Sometimes the things said in Shakespeare class are surprising. But sometimes they're not. Like the never-ending debate about Hamlet's mental stability or the two star-crossed lovers that somehow end up running away from their problems. One thing that I've particularly noticed, however, is the fact that a lot of the conflicts occur because of a lack of information. It's either a huge miscommunication, or simply people assuming the worst about others because of their lack of communication. I wonder what would happen if these people had better technology. Maybe then they wouldn't have had so many problems. But seriously - would Hamlet have been able to find the truth about his uncle any other way? What about Polixenes? Would he have simply texted his son and asked him where he was instead of finding out from Camillo that he was seeing Perdita?

You know, I think that these situations would still occur. Even with the wonderful technology that we have today, I feel that there are miscommunications occurring all around us. It's like when you receive a rude text message that the other person meant as a total joke. I believe that Leontes would have become even more jealous had Hermione called up Polixenes and asked him to stay over the phone. I think he would have thought Hermione was going behind his back in a situation such as that.

Also, had Hamlet simply looked at the security cameras placed around the palace gardens, he would have known the truth about his uncle without the mental and emotional turmoil that led from his seeing his father's ghost. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes our technology can help us to avoid miscommunication, but it also provides a greater opportunity to be misled.


  1. Mason said...:

    I don't know if technology would really help. I actually think that technology makes for a lot of miscommunication. I've seen a lot of fights that came out of a text message taken one way when ment another. I think the problem people are having is just plain honesty one with another. I guess that doesn't make a good story.

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