Introducing... Macbeth

Monday, October 10, 2011

Now, I'm not going to be talking about these Macbeths...

but about these Macbeths...


   Yep... pretty bloody, I know. But, what can you expect from a play that is centered around murder?  

Some interesting things about this play:

The word "blood" or "bloody" shows up 36 times in the play. Some of these quotes stating it more than once.

This play begins with a war and ends with a war. 

There are three significant murders plus the murder of an entire family (minus one) and a suicide.

This play is thought to be cursed, causing members of the production to call it "the Scottish play"  backstage rather than referring to it by name.

This is truly an action-packed play and it will be my pleasure to cover it over the course of the next month. This will include my thorough reading of it and my listening to an audio recording. I will also be watching a video of it, though I am not sure which one yet. There have been many productions of Macbeth through the years (some amazing, and some critiqued as not so amazing), yet one has been noted to stand out as one of the greatest productions. That is the production directed by Rupert Goold - starring Patrick Stewart and Kate Fleetwood. It is more of a modernized production that can easily be accessed online (see link below). However, through viewing the first scene, I believe that this movie must be watched on Halloween (or in preparation for it) seeing as it left me light-headed after the first 5 minutes. This should be congratulated, though, as I believe from simply viewing the first two scenes, that it has truly captured the nightmarish mood that Shakespeare was searching for.

So there you have it. More to come on Macbeth. But before I go, I just wanted to add- for those men who think that Shakespeare is beneath their manliness- to give Macbeth a shot. I'd say that if you like action and violence, I think you'd be pretty satisfied with this play.

To view a summary of all the action, check out SparkNotes at:

To view the totally wicked production of Macbeth directed by Rupert Goold, good luck, and check out this link:

or for a short preview, check this out:



  1. Justin Walter said...:

    I liked this post. A lot. It really drew my attention, though I do have some questions about it. Do you know why the play is considered to be cursed? Is it something to do with the characters or plot? Also, do you think that this play can be modernized well? Does it translate effectively into modern thought? Just curious...

  1. Angela Grimes said...:

    The play is considered cursed because of many terrible things that have happened during the production of Macbeth. Just some things like deaths and major injuries... if you want to check it out, there's a list at:

    I do think this play can be modernized well. There is a version that was made in 2006 (rated R, so I haven't seen it) that puts it into a modern setting having to do with drug lords. Pretty intense. I think the motives are pretty universally understood, so I believe the plot without the exact wording would still make a killer modern action movie! (quite literally)

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