Monday, October 3, 2011
     As I finished reading the final end of Hamlet, I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed. It's not because the ending was disappointing, but it was because I wanted to actually be able to see it being acted out. While studying Hamlet in high school we were able to watch both the Mel Gibson and the Kenneth Branagh versions of Hamlet. This helped me to visualize the scene and actually see the action being played through. 
      This brings me back to the appeal of the theater. Not only does Shakespeare have amazing personal characters whose speeches can be thoroughly analyzed and still bring up questions as to the human mind and nature, but the fact that it is a play and not a piece of literature is what made it so popular. It is the play with live actors who bring the words to life and help the audience members put themselves into the story. I feel that personally, I am more able to sympathize with difficult situations when the actors are right there, not only saying their lines, but expressing their deeper emotions. Each little gesture can suggest a thousand different things about the character that really brings them to life as a truly three-dimensional character who lives and thinks like you and me.

      I agree with Hamlet when he realizes that words are not enough, but that power comes through theater.

"The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King."


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